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Post by merkinth Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:59 pm

I would like to thank Philipp Bouillon for his great work in developing Alite, the Android version of Elite.
Unfortunately, he stopped developing the program about 3 years ago.
His forum is already closed but is still available for reading on

I think, and maybe we all think, that it can't end that way.
Philipp responds very quickly to requests and questions.
His good ideas and guidelines are a great help to continue the development.

Another important consideration in determining the direction of development is that Alite must be compatible with Oolite, the free PC version of Elite.
Oolite is much more advanced than Alite and although the capabilities of mobile devices and computers are far from the same, there is still much room for improvement for Alite.

So I went on, and after a year of development, the beta version will be available soon.
Please follow the Announcements Forum topics.


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